Rocky vs Nish


The debate has raged all year, pitting brother against brother. Which cigar is the superior? The 95-rated Sun Grown Maduro Robusto, named the #2 Cigar of the Year for 2016 by Cigar Aficionado. Or the 94-rated Royale Toro, named the #5 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado in 2014.

So it’s come down to Nish versus Rocky. Nish believes that the Sun Grown Maduro is the best cigar the company has ever produced. Rocky claims that nothing has surpassed the Royale in quality and complexity. Neither person is actually wrong, but try telling them that!

Thus, we have a quagmire. Which cigar is better? How do we resolve the debate? We let you decide!


How to play

  • Step 1 - Choose your side
  • Step 2 - Light up your choice 
  • Step 3 - Take a photo or video of you and your cigar. Get creative!
    • Step 4 - Upload to your Instagram account with the designated hashtag:
      • Royale: #5v2Royale
      • Sun Grown Maduro: #5v2SunGrown


    1st place:  Trip for (2) to Naples, Florida, for a full day and night out with Rocky & Nish highlighted by an upscale dinner at Cavo, as well as cocktails and fine cigars at BURN by Rocky Patel. 

    2nd place:  Autographed limited edition 100-count Rocky Patel Burn Humidor.

    3rd place:  Rocky Patel Luxury Laser Lighter and Bullish Ashtray.

    Winners will be decided on June 18th, 2017
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    #5 Royale

    ROYALE debuted in 2013 and immediately gained notoriety for its smoothness, its rich flavor and its sneaky strength. Crafted at the TaviCusa factory in Nicaragua, the Royale blend smacks of spicy smoke, with notes of chocolate and licorice. The trick to honing that gorgeous Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper with the Nicaraguan fillers was quite simple. Rocky united the Royale blend with a double binder, both leaves hailing from Connecticut – a broadleaf and a shade leaf. That sweet and spicy fusion completed the Royale’s greatness. Then Cigar Aficionado recognized the Toro as the benchmark for excellence by naming it the #5 Cigar of the Year in 2014 whilst bestowing a 94 rating. Rocky said it then and still says it now, “It’s my best blend yet.” Learn More

    #2 Sun Grown Maduro

    SUN GROWN MADURO debuted in the summer of 2015. It’s the spinoff of a long ago desired project – to release a companion brand to the original Sumatra-wrapped Sun Grown. The blend and wrapper choice out of TaviCusa was impeccable. And so, Sun Grown Maduro came to market in five vitolas and an ornate band that pops next to its dark, oily wrapper. The stout, trunk-pressed Robusto topped the impressive lot. It is indeed robust, stamped by complex, earthy notes with a hint of cocoa and vanilla bean. The aromatic smoke is heavy and full, akin to its smoking strength. And the tasting panel at Cigar Aficionado savored the experience by selecting it as the #2 Cigar of the Year for 2016. As Nish proclaimed of the 95-rated classic, “There’s none better.” Learn more

    Rocky 5 v 2

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    Rules & Regulations

    • To enter the contest, one must choose either a Rocky Patel Royale or the Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro and take a photo or video with the cigar.
    • The photo will need to be uploaded to Instagram while tagging the photo with the designated hashtag for each brand.
      • Royale hashtag: #5v2Royale
      • Sun Grown Maduro hashtag: #5v2SunGrown
    • Participants may post as many photos as they like and are allowed to choose either cigar when posting.
    • On June 18, 2017 the best cigar will be chosen between the two brands by which ever cigar has the highest amount of total posts.
    • Contestants who enter the contest are not guaranteed to win.
    • Images created by contestants do not represent Rocky Patel Premium Cigars company or staff members.
    • Once the victor has been decided, a first, second and third place prize will be awarded to the winning teams brand.
    • The Rocky Patel staff will pick winners of the competition. They will be selected based off the best three photos from the winning team.
    • The first, second and third place winners will be contacted by a member of the Rocky Patel staff. The RP staff member will ask for their mailing address to send the prizes.
    • The RP staff will also send them a select number of questions for the winners to fill out. These questions will be displayed with their winning photo on the Rocky Patel #5 vs #2 microsite.